We’re live – open brainstorming started

As announced, we just started on June 15h the work towards building the open declaration.

The first phase is the open brainstorming. Let’s collect the best recommendations on what should government to with the web to transform public service.

You can propose your ideas, vote and comment those of other people on the Uservoice platform. You can also get inspiration or post good ideas from other people, such as for example:

– William Heath’s WIBBI (wouldnt it be better if) on
– Tom Steinberg’s 5 recommendations
– Futuregov wishlist
– US opengov idea-storm
– Andrea di Maio’s blog entries

Please note that the voting is just a tool for brainstorming, we have not defined an automatic process by which the top 5 recommendations will be put in the declaration. We’ll have such a tool at a later stage. For the moment, we aim to get lots of good ideas, and comments and votes are a way to improve them.

Deadline for this exercise is July 15th. After that we will draft a first version of the declaration, which will be then openly reviewed.

At the moment after, 2 days, we have 21 ideas from 18 contibutors and 92 votes. Please spread the word!


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