From today, you can present your declaration on this blog


we decided to open up the blog to anyone willing to comment on the declaration. We realize the mixedink platform does not allow for open dialogue, so we ask you to write a blog entry to accompany your declaration in order to illustrate the main points and enable discussion.

You can use eups20author as username, and malmo09 as pw.

Alternatively, you can ask us for a personal invitation, which we’re happy to send you by e-mail.

One of the reason we do this is to have great conversations between interesting people. We had some on Paul’s previous post, so we hope to get more!


3 Responses

  1. […] manifestos. If you draft your own version, you can present it yourself on this blog as explained here. Deadline 26th […]

  2. The Reponsablity principle is meagre in text as well as in scope. Lacking are notions like taking people serious, commitment to feedback, accountability, benchmarking. Therefore I propose to substitute the present text with that of the 8th, 9th and 10th principle (commandment) of the Dutch e-Citizen Charter which deal with Accountability, Involvement & Empowerment. See complete text of the charter at:

    Responsability & Accountability: As Citizens we are invited to participate in improving public performance in both decisionmaking and service delivery. We are able to compare, check and measure Government outcome. Goverment actively support benchmark information and supports empowerment instruments.

  3. Matt this is of major interest. Please submit your points using the mixedink platform

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