A case for funky gov2.0 declaration

Hello all! My name is Alberto, and I would like to offer a rationale for writing the “Slightly more funky” version of the declaration we are crafting. In fact I have two.

The first one: when I got down to it, there were already two pretty good versions written in an official style. I did not feel I would have much to add to them. Better do what I’m good at, I reasoned. People can always discard my entry if it’s way off the mark.

The second one: an important part of the EUPS20 workshop was, IMHO, cultural alterity. The message was not only “we do pretty good projects, see” but also “we are actually different people, with a new take to bring to the table”. I submit we should make an effort to translate this alterity in form as well as in content. Even if I’m wrong, choosing a style is important and the choice should be explicit. I thought raising the issue would be a meaningful contribution for me to make.

I could elaborate but I prefer to leave it at this for the moment. Let’s see what everyone thinks.


4 Responses

  1. I like it very much and it gives me inspiration to re-write mine in this style.

    • I agree but not 100%percent. Style is important and a fresh-non conventional style could help. But I think we should not forget who are the targets of this message: “conventional” people or media (politicians, media, policy-makers) who are used to read in an “official” style and problably underestimate texts written in a so funky way. My suggestion is a “offi-funky style”

  2. sounds good to me as long as it communicates *and* inspires as clearly as possible

  3. Lee 🙂

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