Reflections on the Debate (1)

It’s great to see a lot more activity both on this blog and of course on the mixedink site and I thought it might be useful to share some of the things that have struck me so far. Various people have suggested some really good specific amendments to the September 1 version I did and certainly from my perspective I would look to incorporate them in any new version I do. More broadly, I found Alberto’s style question a fascinating one. My versions tried to sound like what I thought this sort of thing ought to sound like and were therefore based on models of the past. I think when we come down to choosing we should try a couple of different styles and see what people think. Ultimately I suppose we need to think what will have the most impact with a) people we are trying to get to endorse the declaration; b) media who we might want to help us in building awareness of the declaration and so securing support for it and c) ultimately public sector decision-makers.

The other thing that has struck me from the comments is that we will face some difficult choices! How many different issues do we think we can tackle without risking the clarity and impact of our message? And if we can only raise a limited number of issues, which ones make the cut and why? At this stage, I think it is useful for people to put issues clearly and articulately on the table (as William has done – but a version reflecting your views on the mixedink site would be good as well 🙂 and then perhaps towards the end of the mixedink process we will do as David has suggested and have a small number of contrasting versions some more comprehensive and some less. So those are my thoughts at the moment. Please keep up the debate either via blog posts (now open to all) and or versions of the declaration on the mixedink site. We are getting there and together we CAN have an impact!


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