The Principle/Data, AutoPoll, Floss version

Hello, my name is Pietro and I have been interested in Web 2.0 and e Government from some time now. I am also a member of Metagovernment, which is a group (now more like a hub of projects) of people interested in producing a web2.0 version of government. Most of us are dreaming a sort of collaborative-government, with no representatives at all, but with a distributed internet tool where laws are produced by the people directly.

As a partial step in this direction we are obviously very interested in every tool that can make the government more open, transparent and collaborative.

Now let me present the latest draft I wrote. There was some comment stating that 4 of the 5 principles were actually not principles at all. So I decided to divide the principles from what we are applying the principles to.

There were also some technicalities that although should not have space in a general Manifesto are important to ensure that the produced enhanced government are really as good as they can be.

I also inserted the idea that every action of the government should produced a poll that describes how much does the population agree with it. And I also inserted some comments from another metagovernment member, Giovani, about using when possible free and open software. Something which I too think is very important; especially in the light of all the recent accusations of cheats made where proprietary software was used to vote.

Please, read it, vote for it, and reuse what I wrote.


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  1. Thanks PIetro and sorry for late publishing, I wasn’t informed by wordpress about your article. As you can see from my other blog post, I do not believe in the no-representative scenario, but it’s good to spell out our differences!
    Welcome on board!

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