How do we maximise our impact?

Here are some thoughts from me on possible next steps:

1) Write to all or some of the ministers who signed the Ministerial Declaration asking them to endorse the Open Declaration and say a) what are the top things their government has already done to implement this agenda b) what are the top things their government intends to do to take it forward in the next 12 months.

We could then do some assessment of the replies that we received and use them as a basis for campaigning in individual countries. And for looking for potential best practices that we could get other countries to sign up to etc.

2) Invite regional/local governments and public sector organisations to sign up and then highlight any positive steps they take to implement the three principles

3) Try to do some specific work in individual Member States, e.g. have a co-ordinator in the countries where we got the most support and then in each country try to do something with mutual support, encouragement and inspiration via this website/facebook etc

4) Talk to the Commission/Presidency about how we might support them in drawing up the Action Plan and ensure that the Action Plan reflects our three principles which were generally well received at Malmo.

5) As part of this, do as David suggested and try to develop a list of key things EU countries should do in the three areas.

What do people think? which of these things should we do or should we do other things?

3 Responses

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  2. thoughts on next steps
    1. more detail needed, eg what we mean by ‘participation’, etc., so need to keep working on supporting document and / or alternatives
    2. good if we can find a way of showing / publicising / giving (prominent) credit to those who do sign up (some place already mentioned?), plus way of showing who’s being asked to sign up (and so who hasn’t replied yet). What level of detail is needed before those signing up know enough about what they are signing up to? Is this likely to be specific to each country?
    3. UK: idea of asking prospective parliamentary candidates to sign up (?), as well as local gov, etc.

  3. A slight reference to the open declaration, mention of the principles at least, has made it through to the final version of (UK) Student Manifesto for Copenhagen: General Vision to be presented to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Miliband, before his departure to the all important Copenhagen negotiations.

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